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Caixa Cubo: Debut Album on Farout Label – A Fresh Wave in Brazilian Jazz

Global pointing Brazilian jazz trio Caixa Cubo set to Release eighth Album in 2024








Renowned Brazilian jazz trio, Caixa Cubo, emerges as a beacon in the Brazilian music scene with their tight sound and infectious joy of playing. Hailed as one of the most significant groups in Brazilian jazz in recent years, Caixa Cubo is gearing up for the release of their eighth album, marking their debut under the prestigious British label, Farout.


Renewing Brazilian Grooves with a Contemporary Twist

Caixa Cubo's infuses a modern flair into the traditional Brazilian grooves of the 70s and the Samba-Jazz tradition, re-wiring to 2024 the tradition of Azymuth, João Donato, Eumir Deodato and others. The trio's seventh album, "Angela," released under Heavenly Recordings, garnered widespread acclaim, earning a coveted spot on BBC 6, Gilles Peterson, and Bandcamp's list of Albums of the Year for 2020.






Praise from Influential Voices

"São Paulo's finest," as dubbed by BBC, Caixa Cubo has received accolades from Wolfgang Sandner, the esteemed biographer of Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett, who described their interaction as "rarely offered so perfectly."










A Global Presence

Having showcased their prowess at Jazzahead! in 2022, Caixa Cubo has graced international stages, leaving an indelible mark at renowned festivals such as Jazz à Vienne (France), Nefertiti (Sweden), Riverboat Jazz Festival (Denmark), Breda Jazz Festival (Holland), Auditório Ibirapuera (Brazil), and Jazzkeller Frankfurt (Germany). The trio has shared the stage with musical luminaries like Yamandu Costa, Tony Lakatos, John Rucco, Nailor Proveta, Paulo Belinatti, Teco Cardoso, among others.


Anticipated Farout Debut

As Caixa Cubo prepares to embark on a new chapter with their eighth album, expectations are high for the magic they are set to weave with Farout. The trio's unique blend of traditional Brazilian influences and contemporary jazz promises to deliver an unforgettable auditory experience for fans worldwide.

Stay tuned for the release of Caixa Cubo's eighth album in 2024, as they continue to redefine and elevate the global perception of Brazilian jazz.

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